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The growth over the past 4 years has vastly exceeded my expectations and change is our master, so changes I /we are making. When I first started out, I had the attitude that I would just "throw the whole kitchen sink" at this cycling thing...you know the thinking..."shake the tree and see what comes out" After that I would just work with results and see what happens. Well a lot came of that masterful strategy, and I have to say getting to know not only the obvious topic of cycling was very quickly over shadowed by getting to know you, a family - a community of like minded cyclists at every level yes  plenty of wannabe cyclists are now cyclists, and a lot of 'hasbeen' cyclists have rekindled their passion...when it comes to cycling it turns out that we all want a sense of belonging, but belonging has to make sense and it better be efficient and entertaining ..sound familiar?

We have spent the past few months centralising new technology, but more importantly centralising why we need technology in the first place....Discovery! , yes discovery is exciting yet there has to be a slightly regimented element about this as we are all time poor and need to maximise our time out as efficiently as possible.  Cycleevents.com's prime function is connection, but connection in a community way. What does this mean? it means you better be good at connecting and entertaining via mobile and yes that takes a lot of work to squeeze it all down the pipes into a small mobile package...Follow me across to Cycleevents.com join the evolution of our "Active Lifestyler" Community who love to pedal our way to good health and great blue sky lifestyles!

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Le Race Le Winner

Linda Villumsen held off Sharlotte Lucas to win #lerace women's race

Posted by Le Race on Friday, March 18, 2016

A cracker VidClp from NZ

A right roasting

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The Pocket Rocket

Welcome aboard our metamorphic evolutionary cycling experience… the Pocket Rocket brings together all the recreational cycling opportunities and experiences and their very real impact on our lifestyles…


Ride GC

Christmas is 2 weeks away and that mean more cycling time…Ride GC has your Gold Coast Cycling opportunities and experiences covered..have a good one…Cheers Steve

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Pedal Chicks Mob Taupo

Meet the Pedal Chicks a Kiwi Bunch of Girls who have got the field covered in Cycling terms…in the re words “Pedal Chics is a team who can ride at elite level, focused on providing development,

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Girl Active with Sheridan on the GC

Hi ladies, In conjunction with Gold Coast City Council, and their brand new Girl Active program, I’m running a four week workshop starting 10 January, aimed at ladies looking to improve their cycling confidence and safety skills.


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