Tread & Pedals

It takes all types of skills when it comes to cycling and our mountain of discarded cycles require cycling skills of a different kind, something from the ‘outer-sphere’  the domain of the creative mind(s) a re-cycler! So what is the future for your trusted old bike? Step up Rumplestiltskin to weave that straw into gold or something like that, or was that water to wine? So to satisfy this need I would like to introduce you to …..
Em and Ivan love taking something like a punctured bike inner tube, a cog or a wonky wheel and turning it into something quirky through crafting it and recycling it in an unexpected way. This Melbourne based creative duo handcraft jewellery, interior and exterior wares, accessories and artworks using upcycled bicycle bits.

Ivan having a wheelie great timeIvan

They are busy worker bees in the workshop and studio making lots of stock for their upcoming Markets. Maybe you could give them a call and see what they can do with your own prized (but ageing) bike ~ maybe you could remount it? Perhaps it’s worth giving Em and Ivan a call to discuss your bikes “Terms of Surrender”…

wheelie big clockbeer:2eggTable LampMelted bikeplaqueshop wall black & white

Em and Ivan really add value to the cycling scene, so take a look at the great range of very unique giftware that should capture your attention when trying to dream up that special gift idea to satisfy the cyclist in your life.

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