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A social cycling group for women in the inner city area.

Wheel Women: Gear up…get social!

So you got a little addicted to Le Tour on the tv, or maybe you just couldn’t care less about it! Well, whatever you think about it, let’s celebrate the end of it at our Annual Wheel Women Social Night! Eat, drink, feast your eyes on some great bike gear and goodies, ask the…
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Posted on July 10, 2014 by Tina McCarthy 

Wheel Woman Tina McCarthy

I grew up with 3 older brothers. That meant a choice between sitting inside and playing with Barbie, or getting on the bike and chasing my daring and super-hero-like brothers. If I wanted to share in the secret adventures, the thrills and spills and the untethered joy of childhood mischief, I had no choice…it was the bike or Barbie.I chose the bike of course…and I’m glad I did. Riding a bike when I was a kid was a way to get to nanna and pa’s house for ‘soldier’s and googies’, the way to get to my best friends house for few bombs into the pool, it was the game I played with the dog Timmy as he chased me around the yard and it was the way to be an adventurer…

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A Window into a day in the life of a Wheel Women
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A note from Tina:
We love the fact so many women are choosing to get on their bikes, and we love the fact they are having a blast of a time doing it. I have the best job in the world getting out there riding with all these amazing ladies…every day is ‘inspiration time’ when I know some of their stories and some of what they will do to get to a ride. Best part is, they make me laugh EVERY day.

We’ve had so much interest in the group and now we have an ‘army’ of women in Sydney wanting us to start there, and we’ve also had a few people from other states ask too! We’d love to do it, but we just need the coaching power to make it happen. Looks like we need more Wheel Women Warriors!!