Bombay Cycling not India…USA!

Take a squizz @ the Bombay Bicycle Club, it is Madison’s (Wisconsin USA) largest cycling club for recreation and fitness…

What is it about this end of the world, that attracts cyclist from Wisconsin? The “Lands Down Under” are a lure for Americans…but what about their home town cycling scene…?  lets have a look at their backyard… enjoy the snap shot
Cheers Steve

Bombay Bicycle Club Madison, Wisconsin USA

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Bombay Bicycle Club through its ClubLink program seeks to cross link this website to other bicycle clubs in this area. We encourage members of other clubs to include cycling with us in their plans when they visitMadisonfor business or pleasure.BBCmembers are encouraged to look up other regional clubs when they travel nearby or want a change of scenery for their weekend rides.

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Cream City Cycle Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin,, rides from last weekend in April through mid-November in the Milwaukee area and nearby counties, overnight camping rides, both fixed base and self-contained, and club century from Waterford, WI, in August.

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A quick snapshot @ a passionate cycling club in America

A bit of ol’e Bombay
in the good ol’e U S of A

Bombay Cycle Club colllage

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Bombay Bicycle Club sponsors leisure rides from April through November. Riders choose distances from 25 to 50 miles or more on scenic back roads (2012 Ride Schedule). Our rides are rated flat, moderately hilly, or hilly and we usually offer short and long routes. Camaraderie, map and cue sheet are provided.

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