Santos Great Bike Ride -Great Success in WA

A "Ride Rotary" Event

Community Recreational Cycling

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Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):2The Santos Great Bike Ride for Charity, bought to you by the Rotary Club of Perth, is a fantastic event allowing you, together with family and friends, to experience the spectacular scenery of Perth’s Swan River whilst riding on safe and secure roads free from normal traffic. One of Perth’s most popular community cycling events, choose one of 3 rides on this safe and enjoyable cycling experience for riders of all abilities.Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):4Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):8Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):1Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):5Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):11.5Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):7Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):3Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):11.6Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):13Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):18Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):6Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):12Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):9Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):15Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):17Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):14Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):20Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):19Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):16Great Bike Ride (Santos 2015):11

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