Pedal Chicks Mob Taupo

Meet the Pedal Chicks a Kiwi Bunch of Girls who have got the field covered in Cycling terms…in the re words “Pedal Chics is a team who can ride at elite level, focused on providing development, education & experience for some of NZ’s talented female riders”

Hope you enjoy this snapshot connection to the Peddal Chicks, bobs Bikes and the iconic Lake Taupo Cycle Challenge

Cheers Steve 

Photos compliments Bob’s Bikes
The day on Saturday proved to be pretty challenging with some ugly weather. A quality field of 40 women started the Elite Women’s race. There were attacks all over the place, with some attempting to break away only to be pulled back in, culiminating in a bunchsprint finish. Kudos to all the women who raced and well done Pedal Chics – everyone raced hard. Big thanks the organisers, marshalls and all the support teams out there. Couldn’t do it without you guys! Here’s a few memories from the weekend….. enjoy

Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:0.1Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:0Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:1Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:2Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:3Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:4.1Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:4Pedal Chicks @ Taupo:featurePedal Chicks @ Taupo:5

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