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New Ladies Opportunity

Sheridan Boswell from Storm Cycles and the ladies only cycling group of ‘Madonna Velo’ has been busy as usual…below is a new program of combine cooperation with the Gold Coast City Council…Enjoy

Cheers Steve 

The Opportunity is all yours

Hi ladies, In conjunction with Gold Coast City Council, and their brand new Girl Active program, I’m running a four week workshop starting 10 January, aimed at ladies looking to improve their cycling confidence and safety skills. It’s not a “learn to ride” program, but rather a “learn to ride properly and efficiently” program. It’s basically a shortened version of She Rides (and cheaper). If you’re not sure how to corner properly, climb efficiently, descend safely, or even how to use all your gears properly, then this workshop is for you. It’s for all types of geared bikes, not just road bikes, so if you have a friend who might be interested also, please pas the details along.

If you’re interested and want more information, or would like to book a spot, please contact me on 0412 138892.

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