Cycle Clubs

Love Cycling? … Join a Club!

Love your cycling?  Have you considered joining a club?  Clubs are far less intimidating than you might think and they offer you so much upside to your cycling experience. Remember the more organised you become on and around your bike, the more ‘bang for your buck’ you will get every time you throw your leg over your favourite piece of carbon and start banging away on those poor old pedals. Now don’t take the ‘banging’ bit too literally as a club will help you understand how to pedal efficiently and as you might guess it doesn’t involve the word ‘banging’. Most clubs these days cater for all levels of cycling and they do incorporate the cafe culture,  so don’t get caught in the mindset of just riding on your own until you think you are good enough to ride with others, that is a classic mistake that most new riders make. Now what you need to do, and I mean this in the most sincere way – you have to get over yourself – those types of thoughts and fears are universal to the new cyclists and not exclusive to you! – so just bite the ‘fear bullet’ and make that call now – trust me you will thank me for what seems like some annoyingly obvious advice. So if  I have just remotely described you here or simply you are new to an area, then check out your local club on the Club Directory…

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