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The Centralised info Hub, the conductor, or the home base for all recreational and experience driven Cycling opportunities within Australia and New Zealand. Connecting Cyclists to Events and Events to Cyclists. Your best starting point is Cyclelike’s “Home Base” www.cyclelike.com also see about Cyclelike alo Shortcuts tab above.

The Pocket Rocket (emagazine)
Communicates this fast evolving kaleidoscope of cycling activities keeping us all current with opportunities and the ebb and flow of our cycling experiences. The Pocket Rocket is Fun and Factual disarming the old “hard-ass” image bringing the extremes of beginner to elite closer together, a more exciting, connected and robust cycling community. Click here http://eepurl.com/6gD8T to be added to the Pocket Rocket updates

CycleEvents on Facebook
A dynamic news flow of Cycling Events, Cycling Experiences and Opportunities as they roll in “Hot off the press” This is not your stock standard facebook page, you will become totally aware and informed of all the “Cycling Events & Cycling Experiences” deals and news as they happen. Jump on and hit the LIKE button to stay current and connected. https://facebook.com/cycleevents

The ‘Ride’ Network
Centralising Locally
The Ride Network currently consists of RideGC, Ride Brisbane, Ride Wellington, and now Ride Melbourne, with more locations currently being developed.

Ride Gold Coast has it’s own dynamic emagazine, Ride Wellington has a static magazine updated periodically which precedes a weekly emagazine.

WHY A RIDE NETWORK? it’s great to bring all cycling in NZ and Australia together to form a robust picture of our cycling world, and to be able to peruse and plan cycling trips , events, and experiences in a time efficient way. Cycling at its heart has a clansman styled personality where the smallest local ride group (group rides) has it’s own needs, it’s very own identity as does the region, the landscapes they cycle in, and ultimately dictates cyclists and their groups personalities. This adds significantly to the cycling kaleidoscope, the mystique and sense of adventure and freedom, just the thought of visiting new, strange and challenging cycling landscapes, meeting the people, their towns, their micro-cultures, their customs…it’s exciting and the “Experience Expectation” keeps us fresh and alive.

The Ride Network “Acts Local and Thinks Global” a very important factor in making Cyclelike and the Pocket Rocket relevant and of real value to to all cyclists from the beginner to Elite, as we are all heavily invested in a great cycling experience.

Where to from here…
The best example of where Ride Melbourne’s future is heading is to check out  RideGC

So even though we are already very active and familiar with Melbourne and Victoria at a global level, it is time to get more intimate and local. To start with we will continue developing the “Ride Melbourne” Facebook page and go from there…

As we build out Melbourne specific content via the Ride Melbourne Facebook page and with the help of Cyclelike’s and Cycleevents data hubs, we can then develop this page and the evolution begins!

Hope you enjoy

Cheers Steve 

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